crandall construction specializes in sustainable building methods and materials and is a builder of finely crafted unique homes since 1983

We are drawn to anything fun, exciting, unique and/or challenging. We can work with any type of building materials, but we are particularly interested in those projects involving alternative methods of construction.

We have built with a variety of materials, including rammed earth, adobe, steel, straw bale and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s). Of course, we also do conventional wood frame and masonry construction as well.

While we have done all types of construction, including commercial, industrial and agricultural, our primary focus is in residential construction, both new builds and remodels.

Our services include turn-key construction, from site development to finished product, as well as consultation services at the design and planning stages. We can also advise you on the feasibility of building on a particular property before you even make your purchase.