crandall construction specializes in sustainable building methods and materials and is a builder of finely crafted unique homes since 1983




features Straw bale exterior walls with hand troweled stucco exterior finish; passive solar heating system; locally made reclaimed fir cabinets, doors & soffits, recycled denim batt insulation in ceilings; zero VOC finishes on all wood work; integrally pigmented hand troweled clay plaster on interior walls; concrete window sills and exposed concrete floors with pomegranate juice stain.

“Pete Crandall built our 1700 sq.ft. straw bale and wood frame home in 2008. Here are a few notes for you, who are considering his company for construction or remodeling your own project:

• Honesty. Pete Crandall is impeccably honest in all of his business dealings.

• Integrity. Pete Crandall uses the best materials he can find for your budget and works hard to find locally produced materials and businesses to work with.

• Honest work team. Pete’s construction team was friendly, honest, and reliable.

• Quality workmanship. Pete always put the best of workmanship into our project. He found a team who cared about their work from the laborers to the craftsmen who built our reclaimed wood doors, cabinets, trusses and so forth.

• Materials. We used, as much as possible, locally produced materials, local talent and workmanship in our sustainably designed and constructed home.

Our hope was to build a house using as much reclaimed material as we could afford that was available at the time and of good quality, or to find materials produced using the most environmentally friendly processes and materials as possible. We also wanted to use the materials obtainable from as close to our town as possible. Pete worked very diligently toward these goals, as they seemed to coincide often with his own personal goals of materials and workmanship and caring for our planet.”
Hilary Dustin and Kay Woods, May 2010

featured on local green building tours; and in a
Solar Today magazine article—fall/winter 2009 issue

photography: martha widmann